The Phlebotomy Certification Exam – What To Expect

Once you have made the choice to get your phlebotomy certification, there are many options available to you. You can choose to take a phlebotomy training class at your local community college, or add it to an existing curriculum at your university. You can also receive phlebotomy training at many hospitals, which usually advertise these training classes on their website or in their publications. However, training alone is sometimes not enough for you to become a certified phlebotomist. At the end of a training program, you may opt to be certified by a medical association. This certification usually requires that you take an exam, which is then submitted to the association for grading and analysis.

Is Certification Required?

Currently, only one or two states actually require that a phlebotomist working in hospitals be certified in phlebotomy. However, being certified is often seen as a positive point on your resume, especially when you are planning to apply for employment as a phlebotomist at a hospital. The certification process is not difficult, as long as you were attentive to your phlebotomist training. Even though its not required, its highly recommended that all aspiring phlebotomist obtain certification by taking the phlebotomy certification exam.

Training Certificate vs. Certification Exam

Most phlebotomy training programs will be advertised as being phlebotomy certificate programs. This usually means that upon completion of the training program, you will be awarded with a certificate that proves you completed the training. However, this certificate should not be confused with the certification that can be obtained by taking a phlebotomy exam given by a medical organization. In most cases, a hospital may suggest that you present them with the certificate that you obtained upon completion of a training program (as a prerequisite to them hiring you as a phlebotomist). The board certification that is obtained by taking the phlebotomy exam is a different type of certification. Board certification by exam is usually seen as being a trustworthy

Preparing For The Exam

Depending on the association you plan to be certified by, you will have to approach preparation for your phlebotomy certification exam a bit differently. For example, if you are taking one of the ten different exams that are currently used to certify in phlebotomy, you need to ensure that you are fully prepared by studying the correct materials. The different types of phlebotomy exams currently include the AMT, NHA, NPA, NCCT, NAHP, IAPA, ASPT, NCA, ASCP and ACA. Its highly recommended that you purchase a review or study book for the specific exam that you plan to take, in order to ensure that you are fully prepared. Most study books for phlebotomy exams cost from $30 $50, though may cost significantly less if you are able to find them used. There are also many resources available online that can help you to be fully prepared for your phlebotomy exam, such as study guides or timed practice tests.